More seniors want cost-effective ways to cover their expenses. The expenses are their medical bills and burial. And the estate administration cost won't pose a financial burden on their loved ones. The increasing competition in the industry has made it difficult to get new prospects in Life insurance leads. You need to leverage the marketing expertise and technology of prospects acquisition experts like Pingcalls if you wish to succeed. We also have the final expense live transfers available.

We are here to help you dive into the booming markets. We provide high-intent calls. These leads are highly-converting. They will help you reach more prospects. So in short you can stay ahead of competitors.

Get More Inbound Calls

We can help you get inbound calls through google ads, Facebook, Snapchat, SEO, TikTok, and more. Our ultimate aim is to increase your business profit by ensuring you get the maximum return when you buy from us. This is possible through targeted marketing campaigns.

High Sales Conversion Rate

High Sales Conversion Rate

We have mastered the art of prospects' acquisition techniques and delivery methods. We are also very proud of our digital marketers' for delivering unmatched results. Our team will support you to achieve success. We offer customer support. So what are you waiting for? Start by creating an account with Pingcall. We have enabled features that help you customize the types of buyers you want and track the ROI of every penny you spend.

Connect With Buyers

Connect With Buyers

Get expert help in finding potential buyers who are looking for information about life insurance. Pingcall gets you the prospects. You can call them directly so you won't have to cold-call a list of potential clients received via email or fax.

Why Us?

Why Us?

Pingcall can help you provide highly-converting prospects at competitive rates. We consider delivering top-notch services that meet your needs.

  • High-quality inbound calls from potential buyers
  • High sales conversion rate
  • Real-time, and pre-qualified
  • Pay for performance only
  • Free tracking tool to monitor your campaign

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Pingcall offers various lead generation methods

Pingcall offers various lead generation methods

Online Marketing

Paid Search


Social ads

Native Ads

Classified ads


Pingcall offers various lead generation methods

Offline Marketing

Paid Search

Callcenter transfers

Direct mail


Pingcall offers various lead generation methods

Individual Approach

Choose allowed traffic sources

Set definition of billable call

Ad materials moderation

Adjust prices for different sources

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