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The global solar energy installation is going to exceed 1500 GW by 2027, registering a CAGR of more than 10% during the respective period. The demand for Residential Rooftop, Utility Scale Projects & Off-Grid Solutions is on the rise owing to growing climate concerns. Industries all over the world are looking forward to renewable energy sources as a way of encouraging sustainable growth.

PingCall intends to be a facilitator in the renewable energy mode by providing you with affordable solar leads to grow your business. Like they say, 'A little purse is a heavy curse', PingCall believes in targeting massive lead size with data-led accuracy. More than 10,000 homeowners and industry professionals visit PingCall every month looking for reliable solar leads from solar tech giants like you!

Get Solar Lead Generations

Get Solar Lead Generations

We can help you get inbound calls through google ads, Facebook, Snapchat, SEO, TikTok, and more. Our ultimate aim is to increase your business profit by ensuring you get the maximum return when you buy from us solar internet leads. This is possible through targeted marketing campaigns.

Spend Less Sell More

You are guaranteed maximum ROI irrespective of your budget. We will not let your money go on loose-end prospects that don’t convert or traditional marketing. Thus we offer highly competitive prices. Thus you will have to pay for services that meet your specific criteria.At Ping Call you get free access to our tracking tools. This helps you monitor and listen to all calls. We just want to ensure you don’t pay for telemarketing services that don’t matter to your business. With the help of our fraud prevention system we can detect fake calls.

Be the incharge of your campaign

Be the incharge of your campaign

Track all the money that you spend on your Leads. Pingcall offers a feature-packed dashboard. Using filters you can customize the type of leads you want. You have an option to pause your campaign anytime.

  • High sales conversion rate
  • Qualified inbound calls
  • 100% Exclusive

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Pingcall offers various lead generation methods

Pingcall offers various lead generation methods

Online Marketing

Paid Search


Social ads

Native Ads

Classified ads


Pingcall offers various lead generation methods

Offline Marketing

Paid Search

Callcenter transfers

Direct mail


Pingcall offers various lead generation methods

Individual Approach

Choose allowed traffic sources

Set definition of billable call

Ad materials moderation

Adjust prices for different sources

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