From setting up a fleet of operators to adjoining a network of computers and finally, digital flight booking apps, the system has come a long way. Airline companies and travel agents realize the importance of social media to woo travel enthusiasts with early bird offers and what not! Not all offers turn into lead and we at Ping Call realize the importance of money in lead generation campaigns. We help you get 100% verified air ticketing leads at best offers. As a travel agent, Ping Call offers you real-time flight booking calls through Google AdWords, organic SEO, and targeted ads on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Get Served with high-quality Flight Booking Leads

Ping Call serves hot and high-quality flight booking leads with a high conversion rate. The leads are filtered across different stages to ensure quick conversions. Ping Call processes huge volume of leads which show a predetermined interest in booking flights online. By connecting these leads with your services and offers, we ensure a great flight booking experience for your customers.

Automate your Flight Booking Lead Generation Campaign

Automate your Flight Booking Lead Generation Campaign

Our innovative features give you complete control of your campaign. You maintain and monitor your budget. Our system allows you to filter the types of clients you want. Besides, you also get free access to our campaign monitoring tools. This makes it easier to listen to calls, examine the quality of inbound calls you are getting. Our systems ensure you are deriving the maximum ROI from the flight booking leads.

Why Us?

Why Us?

We bring to you a high sales conversion rate. You get the following benefits:

  • High-intent inbound calls
  • Real and exclusive
  • A high sales conversion rate
  • No setup cost or long term commitment
  • Free tracking tools to monitor your campaign

Pingcall offers various lead generation methods

Pingcall offers various lead generation methods

Online Marketing

Paid Search


Social ads

Native Ads

Classified ads


Pingcall offers various lead generation methods

Offline Marketing

Paid Search

Callcenter transfers

Direct mail


Pingcall offers various lead generation methods

Individual Approach

Choose allowed traffic sources

Set definition of billable call

Ad materials moderation

Adjust prices for different sources

No more wastage on Generic Leads!

Don't invest money in advertisements that don't convert. Pingcall brings the best marketing services. We allow you to record and monitor each call. Thus, enabling you to determine their effectiveness. Irrespective of your budget, you are guaranteed a high return on investment with Pingcall

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