What is Jornaya Lead ID and How to Set Up this

Author: Allen Sharen
Dec 05 2023
What is Jornaya Lead ID and How to Set Up this

In the ever-evolving lead generation landscape, Jornaya Lead ID is a powerful tool to understand and optimize customer journeys. Jornaya Leads is proof that every captured lead has undergone a comprehensive verification process and meets the industry regulations. It works behind the scenes, does the documentation process, helps gather proof of compliance, lowers potential disputes, and improves trust with your buyer.

After implementing Jornaya on your form, every generated lead will get a unique Jornaya Lead ID, which will be stored alongside your existing form data. To know more about Jornaya and get step-by-step instructions on the steps, kindly go through this informative blog.


What is Jornaya Lead ID?

Jornaya Lead ID is an identifier assigned to leads generated through the Jornaya platform. This ID lets you get critical insights into the customer journey, from the initial touchpoint to conversion. Also, it helps understand user behavior, optimize marketing strategies, and witness growth. Jornaya Lead ID is far better than traditional lead tracking as it offers a comprehensive view of the customer's interactions with various touchpoints. By understanding the entire journey, businesses can make informed decisions, enhance customer engagement, and improve conversion rates.


How do you set up a Jornaya Lead ID?

Step 1:

First, you must create an account and your first form. Start integrating your existing systems with the Jornaya platform. For the same, you have to work with a development team or CRM provider who can establish a seamless connection.

Step 2: Create your Jornaya account

Once you have created the account, it's time to look for your account code in Jornaya Lead IDs. Check the Jornaya option, which will ask for your campaign ID and account key, paste the values in, and hit "Save form settings":

Step 3: Deployment in Your Marketing Channels

Ensure that the Lead ID tracking is deployed across different marketing channels, including your website, social media campaigns, and any other touchpoints where customer interactions occur.

Step 4: Testing and Validation

Before fully deploying Jornaya Lead ID, conduct thorough testing to validate that the tracking is working accurately. This step is crucial to ensure the data collected is reliable for analysis.

After successfully deploying Jornaya Lead ID, businesses can leverage the insights they gain to optimize their marketing strategies. Identify high-performing channels, understand user preferences, and tailor your approach to enhance customer experience.



Jornaya LeadID is an essential asset for businesses looking to understand and improve customer journeys. By following the steps mentioned above, companies can set up Jornaya Lead ID effectively and unlock a wealth of insights to drive growth and success in their lead generation efforts.

To seamlessly set up Jornaya Lead ID, connect with the experts at Ping Call.

By Allen Sharen | Dec 05 2023
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