4 Types of Sales Calls to help you Generate more Leads for your Business

Author: Katherine Miller
May 27 2022
4 Types of Sales Calls to help you Generate more Leads for your Business

Most salespeople can tell you that the best leads are generated through referrals. But not everyone has a network of people they can count on to refer them to business. And even if you do have a strong referral base, there's no guarantee that they'll recommend your services to the right prospects. Generating Click to Call leads takes time. The process requires different types of calls to be made to people. However, companies often lack the fund and time to ensure the entire process is in place. 

Below are 4 different types of Sales Calls that play their own part in generating and converting effective leads. Lead generation as a process is intensive but communication forms the crux of this overarching building. 

Cold Call

Ever heard the ‘blind man with a lamp’ story? It’s OK if you haven’t! A cold caller is like a blind man with a lamp, a lamp is a reference to mobile phones. Like the lamp, mobile phones facilitate interaction with the prospects even though the sales caller like the blind man has had no interaction with them before.  When you're cold calling, you're trying to get a meeting with a prospect who has no idea who you are. Cold calling is the most difficult type of sales call, but if you know what to say and how to say it, it can be very effective.

A cold call is a sales call made on a company that hasn't previously been contacted by the salesperson. Companies often provide pre-emptive sales call scripts to ensure consistency. Cold calling can be an effective way to generate leads for business, but it has its drawbacks. For one thing, if you don't know anything about the company or person you're calling, then your chances of success are not good. Also, since many companies have policies against cold calling, they may block your number or hang up on you if they see that it's an out-of-area number.

Warm Calls

A warm call is a sales call made on a company that has previously been contacted by the salesperson through another source (such as email). Warm calls are more likely to result in actual business because the person receiving your call will recognize who you are and what you want from them.

Warm Calls offer a lot of advantages to everyone. 

  1. They ensure quick conversions as prospects are already aware of the business and service
  2. They are more interactive 
  3. Leads show a greater amount of trust as compared to the cold calling mechanism
  4. Easier tracking of leads is possible as people are open to sharing their information
  5. Easier to ensure brand loyalty

Cons of Using Warm Calling

  1. Finding prospects to initiate warm calls takes a lot of time
  2. Intensive efforts are required in crafting campaigns

Follow-Up Calls

 These calls are made after you have spoken with your prospect on the phone or in person. They’re used to follow up on all details discussed during your initial meeting and confirm that everything is still on track for moving forward with a purchase decision. These calls are made by salespeople who have already made one of the above types of calls but did not close a sale on that call.

Follow-up Calls are very important for lead generation. 1 in 3 Salesperson accepts not following up with prospects. The tendency to not follow up has impacted a lot of lead generation strategies.

  1. Follow-ups show that the business cares about their leads
  2. Follow-ups give time to sales personnel to personalize offers
  3. Follow-ups create curiosity amongst customers and offer a chance to the companies to provide better solutions

Meetup Call

A meetup Call is a scheduled arrangement wherein the prospect has shown sufficient interest in the business offering. Meetup calls are the final hammer calls that are meant to seize the client’s interest and convert it into sales. Meetup calls require a lot of strategizing to ensure there is no lead leakage.

If you are finding it difficult to generate quality leads for your business, Ping Call experts are here to help you streamline the process. Ping Call is the #1 lead generation company, helping businesses in different verticals find their audience through personalized calls.

By Katherine Miller | May 27 2022
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