Tips to Use Dynamic Call Tracking Tool

Author: Kate Smith
Dec 07 2023
Tips to Use Dynamic Call Tracking Tool

Phone calls are an important parameter for evaluating the overall success of digital marketing efforts. If you have deployed various marketing strategies for your business, there are higher chances of generating more leads. Dynamic Call Tracking is one such way to target more customers. The call tracking tool or technology based on Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) Technology is the way to display unique phone numbers on a website based on a set of predefined rules. By adding a DNI script on your website, one can easily track the numbers and report the source of each call. Once the businesses have easily recognized where the leads are generated, they can significantly increase the overall return on their investment in digital marketing campaigns.

This blog examines what call tracking is, how dynamic call tracking tools work, and what are the essential call tracking tips that can transform your business.


What is Call Tracking?

A call tracking tool is a tracking technology that allows businesses to decide the best marketing campaigns that can generate quality leads. For businesses, call tracking is much more than caller ID. It is a technology that allows businesses/individuals to track who is calling and how they have reached you. The main purpose of call tracking is to correlate inbound calls and leads to your marketing channels and activities. Call tracking is an important piece in allowing businesses to relate an inbound call to sessions on your website.


How Does Call Tracking Work?

Domestic or international phone tracking works when an individual or a company deploys call-tracking software that provides information about the caller. Through the software, one gets detailed information about all inbound call traffic and uses the same to measure the success of your marketing channels. Based on dynamic phone number insertion, call-tracking solutions are designed to deliver detailed data using the following methods:

  • Campaign-level dynamic call tracking: In this, one has to buy a pool of trackable phone numbers and then assign each number to a particular ad campaign. This method is applicable for both online/offline campaigns.
  • Visitor-level call tracking: With this method, one can easily track every marketing source that directs consumers to the website using a particular set of phone numbers that change with each new visitor.
  • Source-level call tracking: For this kind of tracking, businesses must deploy a new trackable phone number for each campaign source, like Google PPC ads, online or offline magazines, or billboards. When customers call on the call tracking numbers using a call tracking tool, a company sees the source that referred them.


Essential Tips to Use Dynamic Call Tracking Tool

This blog discusses the important tips that help make the most of this tool, improving your understanding of customer behavior and optimizing your marketing efforts.

Understand Your Business Goals

Before diving into dynamic call tracking, define your business objectives. Whether it's about increasing sales, improving customer service, or refining your marketing strategy, it is crucial to have a clear goal in mind and utilise the call tracking tool accordingly.

Deploy Unique Phone Numbers

Deploy different phone numbers to marketing channels or campaigns as it lets you attribute incoming calls to specific initiatives, providing granular insights into which strategies are driving engagement and conversions.

Utilise Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)

Deploy DNI to dynamically change phone numbers on your website as per the visitor's source or behavior. This gives an assurance that calls originating from various marketing channels are attributed accurately, allowing for precise tracking.

Integrate with Analytics Platforms

To streamline data analysis, integrate your dynamic call tracking tool with analytics platforms like Google Analytics. This integration provides a comprehensive view of user behavior, allowing you to correlate call data with online activities.

Leverage Call Recording

Enable call recording to get qualitative insights into customer interactions. Analyzing these recordings can offer valuable feedback on customer needs, pain points, and the effectiveness of your sales or support teams.

Supercharge your Call Tracking data with attribution

Dynamic call tracking tools are robust for modern businesses seeking a deeper understanding of customer interactions. By implementing the tips mentioned above, one can unlock its full potential, gain actionable insights that drive informed decision-making, and elevate the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

Embrace the power of dynamic call tracking not just to evaluate your marketing impact but also to improve the overall customer experience. Connect with the experts at Ping Call now and revolutionize the way to optimize the Call Tracking Tool.

By Kate Smith | Dec 07 2023
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