Prepare Your Checklist Before Getting PPC Campaigns Live

Author: Katherine Miller
Jul 29 2022
Prepare Your Checklist Before Getting PPC Campaigns Live

If you are talking about PPC, then keep it in mind that it is a multi-step process, and sometimes to keep track of all the steps in the process becomes very tough. If you want to make it simple yet effective here Ping Call is offering a few steps for a PPC ad campaign to guide you through the major points of the optimization process. 

PPC Campaign

The PPC campaigns checklist covers the basic setting of your PPC campaign so that at a later stage you can know how to maintain it from there.

First Step

# Check Your Settings

While setting your account, you can prepare your list. You need to check your language and location settings. Add the location in which you want to target your PPC campaign ad. You need to ad clicks from that country only where you are staying. 

Second Step

# Find Keywords 

You can find innumerable strategies for keyword research. At the time of optimization of your campaigns, you need to learn. If you made mistakes then don't worry, you will learn from your mistakes and for rest guidance, Ping Call is available for you. 

Your keyword strategy will include exact and broad match types. Broad keywords will take you to a large audience, it might also give you irrelevant clicks. To find the best solutions, you can use a broad match modifier and phrase match. In your next step, you can search terms to discover new relevant and relevant keywords. Never add irrelevant keywords to your account if you want to get a high-quality score. 

Step Three

# Know your budget 

If you are working with Google then it is mandatory to set a daily budget. Therefore on each campaign, you can decide how much should be your limit on daily expenses. Google provides you an option to spread out this budget throughout the day so that you can make your full presence throughout the day. 

If you are a first-timer then Ping Call is suggesting you start with your daily low amount budget. Gradually you can increase your budget. In this way, you can have a comfortable learning curve and can be able to optimize your campaigns before you spend too much on them. 

Step Four 

# Adjust your Target Settings

When you are adjusting your target setting, you need to include certain characteristics to set your ads to target users for instance targeting their geographic location. The other targeting features you need to include are    gender, age, and even device type. In Google Ads you can do all of this where you will have to use it to display your ads. 

You need to search for the target audience for your every ad campaign whenever, you have to decide whom you want to target. If you’re selling a product that targets your ad to a specific age group, It means only those age group people will buy,  so here you don’t waste resources on other age people. And when you have the limit of selling your product or service within a certain area, there you need to set that limit your ads to that specific region.

Step Five 

# Make your Ad Copy Optimization 

You make your ad copy an essential element for your PPC ad campaign. It should be compelling enough to get clicks. At the time of preparing the ad copy, you need to remember the character limit for the ad. Your title should be 25 characters, your display URL needs to set its limit of 35 characters. Your first and second descriptions should have a limit of 35 characters. To get better results you need to make maximum use of the characters and always make mobile-friendly ad copies. 

Step Six 

# Check your tracking 

Launching your PPC ad campaigns is not your ultimate goal here, in fact, your work starts from here. Ping Call experts are suggesting you to  track your campaigns on a daily basis and keep optimizing them from time to time. The keyword research trend will consistently change and so will your keyword strategy. The Google metrics will provide you insights on what works and what does not. This is an ongoing process and it will help you to optimize your account and campaigns. 

Wrap up 

Keep improving your PPC campaigns. Instead of wasting money, check your expenditures. If you are going to make paid marketing then don't forget to do inbound marketing. Keep blogging, drive traffic, and focus on generating leads, and search engine optimization. All will compliment your paid marketing and help you in many ways. 

To get started with the most important elements of your PPC campaign, keep reading our blogs at Ping Call, or, if you are looking for a more comprehensive solution, you can get help from Ping Call digital marketing experts to optimize your PPC. 

By Katherine Miller | Jul 29 2022
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