How can Marketing Automation Transform your Lead Generation Process?

Author: pingcall
Mar 14 2022
How can Marketing Automation Transform your Lead Generation Process?

Lead generation companies have improved customer engagement and conversion by 80% through a gradual inclusion of marketing automation tools and software. Campaigns employ automation tactics to save time, capital, increase employee productivity, morale and help in steady growth output. A lot of brands delegate pay per call campaigns to digital marketing agencies with automation access to enjoy number-based growth.

What is Automation Marketing?

Automation is defined as the use of a machine or artificial intelligence to do tasks that were previously done by humans. However, marketing is associated with an end-to-end human connection. Why will a customer buy until there is a living entity backing their sense of security? 

Automation marketing was born as a solution to the consistency of certain marketing operations which shelled most of the marketer’s daily hours. The redundancy of tasks like keyword search, data collection, budgeting, etc. affected a marketer’s performance in other crucial and creative areas. Automation resolved the problem by streamlining everything under one window and providing an in-depth solution for data recording and analytics. Given below are a few ways in which automated lead generation can help scale your business to new heights.

Prepare by producing and analyzing high-quality content

A fashion blogger cannot resist an opinionated blog piece on the ugly-cool crocs. Similarly, a food enthusiast cannot resist a single recipe blog about a delicious meal in under 5 minutes. The ability of content to attract the creamy layer of subscribers is unmatched. Automation helps in identifying these people and making a separate database to ensure consistent engagement with them. It also helps brands gain insight into customer sentiment through the comment section. Customer movement along the blog structure can be assessed to understand what all they enjoy and dislike in particular. All such insights can further propel strong pay-per-call campaigns leading to high conversion rates.

Personalized messages for long term engagement

What happened to the customer who spent every day of the last month navigating your website for a shaver which was stocked out? They might have purchased it from a second website. A customer who spent nearly a month going through your website deserves to know a good enough reason for the delay along with an assuring text. Marketing automation can bring back lost customers and add to the current army by adding a hint of personalization to your communication strategy. Such messages can be tailored to ensure localized language, use of humor, witty statements to attract attention. You can also provide differentiated incentives to encourage purchases from long-term customers without affecting the sentiments of other customers.

Keep an eye on website traffic

It takes about 0.5 seconds for a user to judge a website. A clean and sales-stimulating website is crucial to ensure visitor retention and conversion. But, UX designers are primarily focused on designing. Even after using a couple of A/B tests, the final design can be inappropriate for the target audience? How can brands ensure zero lead leakage at this stage? Lead generation marketing automation tools allow website operators to gauge visitor data. The proportion of time being spent on every aspect of the website allows designers to make improvements. Marketing automation allows the usage of designs that resonate with customer problems.

Automated lead generation companies are a catalyst for lead generation campaigns. Customer engagement can only be increased by improving the quality and quantity of data. On the other hand, customer privacy also needs to be respected and maintained. Maintaining a close relationship with customers should not jeopardize user control over privacy. Marketing automation seems to have a long way in customer-brand engagement.

By pingcall | Mar 14 2022
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