5 Steps To Generate Leads For Website On Limited Budget

Author: pingcall
Mar 16 2022
5 Steps To Generate Leads For Website On Limited Budget

Website traffic is a very crucial component of marketing. Brands invest large amounts of money to increase traffic and compete without getting chewed by fellow businesses. However, digital marketing keeps on getting more complex due to the complexity of channels and the huge influx of marketing tools. As brands work to navigate their digital traffic strategies, given below are a few easy steps to keep everything streamlined. 

STEP 1- Remove useless content

Every website in the whole works serves one function or another. Even a platform as aesthetically appealing as Pinterest operates to satiate the aesthetic hunger of new-age individuals. After all, you wouldn’t use Pinterest for seeing accident videos? The primary aim of the best travel lead generation company is to serve utility to customers. Therefore, any piece of content which fails to serve customers should be removed immediately. How do you know what type of content is useless? The answer differs from industry to industry. However, below are a few questions that can help you understand the functionality of website content.

  • Is my content resonating with the audience?
  • Is the content format right for the target audience? 
  • How am I contributing to further knowledge of a first-time website user?

The best way to answer these questions is to discuss them with the entire team. You can also do social media surveys to understand customer sentiment.

STEP 2- Turn to influencers in your niche

According to the latest report, 70% of teenagers put a higher degree of trust in influencers than traditional celebrities. More than 80% of women prefer to seek suggestions on social media before buying a product. These statistics throw a major light on the content marketing industry and the strength of influencers to market your brand. However, influencers charge hectic feeds. Given below are a few ways to rationale your choice of influencer.

How to choose the right influencer?

First of all, understand that the big-budget influencers are not the full stop to all your problems. The return on investment can be very low. Try looking for influencers with a close-knit audience. People who interact regularly with their customers are more likely to cause major ROI. If a certain influencer is already promoting a competitor brand, ask them to use your product and give organic feedback on social platforms. 

Step 3- Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has grown substantially over the past few years. More than 90% of publishers have already joined one or another affiliate marketing program. The success of affiliate marketing is due to the consistency of like-minded customers at one spot. Brands can reduce the cost required to collect visitors for further communication. 

Some of the advantages of Affiliate marketing are,

  • Brands can reduce marketing costs significantly as payment is done only for qualified leads
  • Low risk because of lesser investment
  • Traffic from targeted areas without added investment 

STEP 4- Factor your expertise in the niche

Most businesses already have one or the other competitor in the market. To thrive, you need to factor in years of experience and build content that helps people assess the same. Expert content further propels product image in the customer’s mind and helps you get free travel leads. A person is more likely to purchase a generic medicine from a doctor than their neighbor. Some of the ways to do that are,

  • Use blogs to your advantage. Information and research-backed blogs help customers get a clear intention and insight into the brand’s motivation. 
  • Engage and serve customers on social media. A monthly live session on social media can help you engage with your audience while instilling greater trust between the two parties.
  • Don’t shy away from opinionated content as long as it is research-backed and logically stable. However, do not team up with ideas that are too sensitive to be discussed.

STEP 5- Use pay per call for engagement

Pay per call method is the ultimate way of facilitating one on one conversations with customers. According to recent statistics, it takes around 5-7 calls to encourage purchase from a user. But the same number of calls lead to repeated customers, leading to brand loyalty. Pay-per-call campaigns have a high success rate and they confirm every type of business. Small businesses can interact with their target audience without being forced to compete with fellow businesses. Unlike social media, pay-per-call campaigns require lesser funding but lead to higher returns. Even the best travel lead companies have been emphasizing on pay per call campaigns to understand customer feedback and provide required solutions.


By pingcall | Mar 16 2022
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