What's the best way to generate High Quality Leads for Travel Agencies?

Author: pingcall
Mar 11 2022
What's the best way to generate High Quality Leads for Travel Agencies?

The tourism industry suffered a blow during the pandemic. Not only did the number of travelers decrease but the incapability of the sector to shift to a resilient business model came to the forefront. Unlike other businesses, a travel agency can't provide a digital experience and charge the same fee. Currently, the great wall of China and the Louvre museum are all on the Internet for a virtual visit, but the experience is not worth it. As the pandemic retreats, businesses are working hard to find travel enthusiasts and pick them up with great offers and discounts. However, the great digital privacy mindset is on the move and the process to get free online travel leads is harder than ever. Before you start getting worried, here are our top picks to curate travel leads for your agency in a cost-effective manner. 

Use your Website

Let the creative juices of your UX designers flow right there on the website. Website designing is an essential step to bring back dropped customers. A new visitor coming to your website must go nostalgic about the tour and travel times. The grand moments of traveling abroad and living a happy fairytale must dictate your design. Moreover, the website must be navigation friendly. Customers enjoy spending time on a travel website only if it caters to their needs. 

Use Blogs strategically

Blogs are crucial to entice customers while getting hold of valuable travel leads. Blogs are primary assets that can turn a potential visitor into an instant customer. The best way to do this is to strategize blogs and use them as a tool to entice customers. Here are a few ways to do the same,

  • Travel blogs must turn the visitor nostalgic and not into a logomaniac. Try sticking to common language terms and phrases. The user should not feel the need to hit a google search after every sentence
  • Use well-optimized pictures to provide an appropriate aesthetic break to the blog
  • No matter how interesting the article is, paragraph breaks can make or break the deal. Try using paragraph breaks appropriately to keep the user going.
  • Try to get in touch with your previous customers and attach their testimonials in between the articles. Authentic reviews are well served with aesthetic and purpose. 

Use Warm calling via pay per call Agencies

Why look for customers all over the world when you already have served existing customers. Customers who experienced your service before serving the pandemic prison break are much more likely to invest in your offers and discounts. However, starting fresh needs to be strategically planned and professionally served. The best way to go around previous customers is to employ a professional pay-per-call agency. Such agencies are adept at,

  • Calling both new and existing customers and ensuring they stick to the end
  • Developing a network of stakeholders to ensure a problem-solving mechanism
  • Providing greater lead conversions as they churn out the most profitable travel leads

Travel agencies have an upper hand in terms of creative freedom and informality with customers. However, making the best use of all such features requires them to stay connected to relevant customers. Make sure to organize events and games to bring new customers on board. Travel companies can also use pay-per-call services to bring new customers on board. A pay-per-call agency will help you get a proper mix of warm and cold calling tactics to trigger massive lead conversions.

By pingcall | Mar 11 2022
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