Where to Buy Real Estate Leads in USA?

Author: Allen Sharen
Oct 28 2022
Where to Buy Real Estate Leads in USA?

Real estate is coming under those fields which are veritably much competitive in nature. To achieve success in this business you need to buy real estate leads.

Real estate lead generation companies curate lists of buyers and sellers , those are looking for an agent. Your commission will be more than what you spend in terms of price.  

This list of the best places to buy real estate leads in USA will help you make a splash in the home buying or selling sector. Here Ping Call is comparing all options for you, so that you can decide fluently where to buy real estate leads in USA.

Where to Buy Real Estate Leads in USA?

You can generate real estate leads through using different strategies. One of the most common ways is advertising. Advertising puts your business out there, catches the attention of audiences, and makes them aware about you. You can induce leads using a pay- per- click advertising deals model or social media advertising. 

Two of the most popular advertising platforms are Google AdWords and Facebook Advertisements to find the best place to buy real estate leads in USA. Through sophisticated algorithms, these two platforms offer real estate agents advanced targeting styles.

While Google AdWords offers the benefit of targeting specific keywords and expressions, Facebook has other tools, similar as grading cult and choosing advertisements that confirm each bone .

Another way to buy real estate leads in USA is using real estate subscription platforms. These platforms come with a variety of features and different prices, where each real estate agent can choose as per their business needs. 

Checkout Ping Call provided options:

Google Advertisements

Google Advertisements has a pay- per- click deals model. By targeting hunt queries, your announcement is displayed whenever someone, hopefully, an implicit customer, quests keywords or expressions on Google.

Since the stoner has to designedly search for these words related to your business, Google Advertisements offers leads with high buyer intent. You only pay for the announcement once the person clicks on it. This might not sound too bad financially wise, still, Google AdWords can get relatively precious veritably presto.

Google AdWords offers real estate agents two main networks to target their druggies in- the hunt network and the display network. Every network comes with unique features and prices per click.

While the Google hunt network displays advertisements on top of the hunt machine results runner whenever someone searches keywords or expressions, the Google display network lets real estate agents to showcase advertising banners on the website as Google network part.  

Cost per click → this is the price you'll pay every time a stoner clicks on your announcement

Cost per accession → the average cost of a stoner actually performing the action the announcement directs him to do

Clickthrough rate → measures the number of users that click the announcement out of all the druggies the announcement is displayed to. CTR is set up by dividing the number of times the announcement gets clicked by the number of times the announcement is shown.

Average Conversion Rate → measures the clicks that actually perform the action the announcement intends to encourage out of all the users that click on the announcement. CVR is measured through dividing performing action by the number of people to the number of clicks.


  • Targets specific keywords expressions
  • High buyer intent


  • High cost per lead
  • Can induce leads with limited contact informations who are hard to track down

Facebook Advertisements

You can reach out to a large audience through displaying your advertisements on Facebook.This has its own implications . Since the ad appears to the user's feed without them searching for the relevancy to it, Facebook Advertisements offers leads with lower buyer intent.

This means that the utmost of the people who see the advertisement aren't looking for a real estate agent incontinently. On the other hand, Facebook advertising can be used to target users who are in their early stages of buying or selling a home.

Although it'll be a long way before this user needs a real estate agent, it's still a good idea to keep track of these users. Facebook Custom followership is an important targeting tool to use when deciding which announcement to show to which user depending on the relationship you have with them.


  • Low cost per lead
  • Can target different cult using different advertisements


  • Low buyer intent
  • Have to sludge through for quality leads

Platform Leads

These are leads that come from the real estate market for instance Zillow, BoldLeads, and RedX. These platforms offer advertising to your business on their websites at a cost generally measured per lead, yearly subscription, or a combination of the two.

The variety of similar platforms in the US gives real estate agents from different niches targeting different cult the chance to choose to buy real estate leads in USA among the business that best suits their requirements

Zillow Premier Agent

With million users, Zillow is by far the most popular real estate platform out there. Zillow Premier Agent offers dealer and buyer leads to agents who announce on their platform, still, buyer leads have been the most common ones.

Zillow Work Procedure:

First you need to decide on ZIP codes to enter into Zillow you're interested in, where you want your announcement to be displayed and how long do you want the announcement to stay up.

As with any announcement pricing model, depending on how popular the area chosen is, it'll decide how important your announcement will bring.

After users see your announcement on the website and decide to communicate with you, they're needed to fill in a contact information form to buy realtor leads in USA , which is also transferred to you.


To buy real estate leads in USA you can look into BoldLeads. This is best known for integrating its marketing strategies in the supereminent generation system and nurturing those leads after furnishing them to you. BoldLeads has a yearly figure of$ 399/ month and a minimal announcement spend of$ 250.

BoldLeads Work Procedure:

BoldLeads will produce advertisements for you and announce them on platforms similar to Google and Facebook. After the users see and click on your announcement, they will be directed to a custom runner that's performing well.

To buy realtor leads in USA, they also have to give their contact information in order to gain access to exclusive information. Their contact information is also transferred to you.

The best part is that BoldLeads doesn't stop when they give you the lead. Through their advanced CRM software, they make sure your leads are nurtured by transferring automated dispatches and emails.


REDX can be counted as the best place to buy real estate leads in USA. It has put its grip on the industry of providing leads by focusing on specific niche categories of leads.

The products it adds within its list are  expired, FSBO,Geo Leads, FRBO, andPre-foreclosure leads. The prices of these products range from$39.99/ month to$79.99/ month to  buy real estate leads in USA.

REDX Work Procedure:

The system REDX uses involves gathering as important information as possible from each over the internet about implicit guests and serving it to you, so that you can also decide which bones you want to communicate with.

While with other platforms, utmost agents stay on their toes hoping someone will reach out to them, with REDX, the agent makes the first move. This means that you get to decide how numerous leads you get. The more leads you decide to communicate , the lower your cost per lead will be.

Even though the  information that REDX provides to buy real estate leads in USA makes the platform worth the price, there's still a certain element of cold- calling when using REDX.  Therefore REDX is not recommended to them, who are looking for the leads to reach out to them without the above process.

Market Leader

The agents who are still  in doubt about the results that these real estate platforms can give in terms of leads generated every month, MarketLeader has the answer for them. MarketLeader promises to give its guests with a guaranteed number of best real estate leads to buy in USA every month for a flat figure.

Market Leader Work Procedure:

MarketLeader attracts users by using targeted advertisements on Google and Facebook. Once the users click on the announcement, they're taken to a wharf runner where their contact information is gathered. There are different wharf runners for implicit merchandisers and implicit buyers, according to the specific interests of each order.

Market Leaders charges a flat figure of$ 99 and a fresh figure for every lead, which can be anywhere from$ 20 to$ 30. Their pledge of a guaranteed number of leads makes MarketLeader a veritably charming option to numerous agents, still, the quality of the leads handed is in question. 


Offrs is a platform with provides a unique approach to the supereminent generation system to buy real estate leads in USA. Generating more leads is the motto of the company  through predictions on who will be likely to sell in the near future. So that when the linked individualities do end up selling, Offrs has formerly handed their guests with this information ahead of everyone differently.

Offrs Work Procedure:

Offrs uses an advanced algorithm to analyse large quantities of data in order to determine which houses in the request are most likely to come more seductive and what characteristics these houses retain.

The alternate step of their predictive model involves relating to individualities who'll most probably want to vend their current parcels. Putting it all together, Offrs provides its guests with the conclusions they make and offers them to buy real estate leads in USA before there is even a listing.

Offrs does really have commodities to offer to the diversity of real estate platforms. Still, there are enterprises that by fastening too much on unborn leads, there's a chance of missing out on  current openings.

Organic Leads

People who find your content through your own network and outreach, their organic leads can be possible to reach out. These people you can find through your cold-emails or in social media sites, who have stumbled upon your content.

Organic leads  to buy real estate leads in USA are free, that's you don't have to pay anything to get them. Agents need constant work on their websites, do some outreaching activities on their own by  being active on social media platforms to achieve success.

There are several effects you can do to stay active. For illustration, you can start a diurnal blog or write papers continuously that get the followership to engage with your content. The further druggies interact with your posts, the further mindfulness you gain. Thus, allocating some time to perfect your content easily pays off in the long run.

Referral Leads

Referral leads come from people you have worked with in history. These are generally your once guests or people in your own sphere of influence. Referrals from once guests are veritably precious as they're evidence of your work, chops, and capacities.

In order to get referral leads, you need to be suitable to develop and maintain connections with your current guests, offer them quality service, so that in the future, they can relate you to someone they know. What makes referral leads have similar high quality is that people trust an agent that's recommended by a person they know more than an announcement.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Real Estate Leads?

The leads that you get through different channels are worth little if you don’t take the time to nurture them. In order to make sure that most of your leads are ultimately converted into clients, there are a number of things you can do.

Make sure you combine paid leads with free leads

Even though buying real estate leads is done so you can have a steady flow of leads while saving time and resources, organic and referral leads are still an important source of clients.

Since you have a competitive advantage over other agents with these leads, it is crucial that you follow up with them even when you have restored to a lead generation subscription program or advertising strategy.

People tend to trust referrals to buy real estate leads in USA from other people more than an online agency, thus, organic and referral leads should not be ignored either.

Build relationships with your leads

This is done by following up with the leads and sending customized messages or emails depending on what stage of the buying/selling process the lead is in. If the leads feel that they are being handled by computer automatic messages, it might be more difficult to land them as a client since there is no personal connection with the agent himself.

Make sure you combine paid leads with free leads

Indeed though buying real estate leads is done so you can have a steady inflow of leads while saving time and coffers, organic and referral leads are still an important source of guests.

Since you have a competitive advantage over other agents with these leads, it's pivotal that you follow up with them indeed when you have restored to a superemently generation subscription program or advertising strategy. People tend to trust referrals from other people more than an online agency, therefore, organic and referral leads shouldn't be ignored moreover.

Build relationship with your leads 

This is done by following up with the leads and transferring customized dispatches or emails depending on what stage of the buying/ selling process the lead isin.However, it might be more delicate to land them as a customer since there's no particular connection with the agent himself, If the leads feel that they're being handled by computer automatic dispatches.

Make sure you're fluently accessible by your leads

On the occasion when the website or contact information of the real estate agent is too delicate to find, most people won't bother to look too much into it and will incontinently divert their attention away.

To avoid this, you have to make sure that you have a strong online presence where the leads can learn all about your products and services and therefore take the original step towards erecting a relationship with you.

Develop a system for managing leads

Whether you're using Google Advertisements, Facebook Advertisements, or Zillow to induce your leads, you need to produce an effective system of handling these leads no matter where they come from. Make sure that all of your leads gather to one destination, from where you can follow up with each one. Also, don't forget to produce substantiated automatic dispatches for each order of leads.

Wrap up

Buying real estate leads can be a great way to protest- start your business if you ’re a newer agent. Still, expert agents can profit from some new leads if times areslow.

However, any of these services will probably have a commodity to offer, If you want to buy real estate leads in USA . Which bone is right for you all depends on your exact requirements and budget or else Ping Call is there to connect any time

By Allen Sharen | Oct 28 2022
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