How to Use Strategies To Buy Education Leads in USA

Author: Allen Sharen
Dec 13 2022
How to Use Strategies To Buy Education Leads in USA

The increasing competition level of higher education is challenging every educational institution today to recruit new undergraduates to join for varied courses. It even gives advantages to students as they are getting a wide range of options and chances to pursue their dream education. 

To reach prospective students and to generate more and buy student leads in USA, Ping Call is exploring a few strategies for implementing marketing campaigns across several channels. In this article, Ping Call is suggesting four ways in which private schools and universities can collect higher education lead generation in USA.

Buy Education Leads in USA With Great Strategies

The challenge for educational institutions and private colleges is to develop the right marketing strategy to gain high-quality student leads. Check out different strategies:

Facebook and Instagram Lead Ads 

If you want more leads then it is of utmost necessity to connect with mobile customers. Because mobile traffic today accounts for approximately 50% of web traffic. 

Facebook and Instagram are the most effective social media channels to get students to lead it. With lead generation ads in these two fields, one can fill in user personal information and can subscribe without leaving the app. 

Instagram and Facebook lead ads are very much effective to buy education leads in USA. There are over a billion users, with approximately 30% of them being students aged 18 to 24. Instagram offers video ads, carousel slideshows, and stories ad options to lead generation for schools in USA. 

It is vital to stress that after students click on the ads and register for a campus visit, a lead magnet download to collect more information, the email communication on behalf of the school has to be immediate.

Because many people expect to receive a welcome mail immediately after subscribing to a list, and companies that respond promptly to leads can easily turn into sales. 

Most higher education lead generation companies in USA are making schools integrate email software with their Facebook or Instagram accounts through different tools to sync every new lead automatically and in real time to the email software.

It helps the schools to enable marketing and admission teams to optimize their communication with the applicants in a hassle-free manner. 

Colleges can leverage lead generation strategy on Google and Youtube with Google Lead Form Ads and YouTube Trueview Action forms Ads to generate quality student leads in USA. 


The second way to collect and buy education leads in USA is to run retargeting campaigns. Retargeting is known to be particularly effective since the audience exposed to the ad is already familiar with an educational institute and can interact with it. 

Education institutions can target their prospective higher education lead generation in USA based on the student's expressed interest either through browsing the website or by submitting a form or visiting a landing page. 

According to Data behavioral ads have higher conversion rates of 6.8%, in comparison to non-behavioral ads of 2.8%. Therefore many companies are leveraged by retargeting those student leads on social media once they left the website. 

Similar Audiences 

Educational institutions have a detailed database with their best student profile. By uploading a specific segment from its Facebook student database, the social media platform can identify people's common qualities in it and deliver an ad to a lookalike audience. 

It is a great option to reach a more qualitative audience. The smaller audience will receive higher similarities to the student leads source audience whereas the bigger the audience the greater the potential reach is. 

Student Testimonials 

If you are interested in generating prospective students to show interest in your educational institutions or want to buy education leads in USA, you need to rely on genuine student testimonials and share them through your social media channels. 

Everyone needs to boast about the number of student reviews of your educational institution and share people's testimonials who are satisfied with your school.

You can even mention your success stories in the blog forms. Talk about perspective students' goals and make them relatable for them. It will help to attract more students to your higher education institution. 

Highly Engaging Landing Pages 

The landing page on your website redirects users when they click on a hyperlink from some other webpage. It is a paid marketing strategy that ensures whoever clicks on an ad, is redirected to a specific page on a website. 

A tailored landing page will ensure your leads get directed toward a relevant page on your website that provides a solution to their needs. 

Impressive SEO and Content Marketing Strategy

SEO strategies will help in increasing online traffic to bring prospective students leads in USA. Increasing the number of potential students for your institute is the true meaning of Lead generation. So SEO may supplement lead generation efforts by boosting brand recognition through organic visitors to your website. 

Perform Keyword Research 

It is an important aspect of SEO that needs to be present in content to generate leads and buy education leads in USA. As a result keyword research is vital for guiding SEO strategy and recognizing themes of your target audience's interest. Determine the prime keywords for your institute and create a list of related phrases and inquiries from there. 

Audit Your Website

It will help to determine which web pages are working effectively and which ones need improvement. Fast-loading websites are important for more than simply the user experience.

Slow load speeds on desktop and mobile devices can have an adverse effect on a website's ranking and lead to high bounce rates leaving prospective students feeling disappointed. 

Keep Eye on Competitors' Performance 

You need to keep track of your competitor's search engine rankings for the same or comparable inquiries. Understanding how similar material performs will help you filter out important techniques for your own efforts- and indicate components of your present approach that need to be updated. It also prevents your ranking from increasing.

Hosting Virtual Events

As per statistics, 82% of attendees will take part in post-event evaluation surveys. 55% will attend the live event, whereas 73% will register for a virtual event like a webinar after receiving an email from a trustable brand. By using data you can get from prospective leads or buy education leads in USA. 

Effective PR Strategy

Effective PR or public relations strategy will help each institution in different ways. Mention institution goals may include the number of applications from a certain country, through highlighting new programs, sharing ranking achievements, or displaying the exceptional research being undertaken by their academics. 

SMS Support 

Have you ever imagined texting could be a great tool to generate and buy education leads in USA? Yes, you are reading right. Texting is considered a fundamental part of the school's marketing strategy.

According to research, 67% of juniors and 51% of sophomores love to receive general information about academic programs through SMS messages.

And many students like to subscribe to SMS text services to get notifications about application deadline reminders, campus event registration reminders, upcoming events, scholarship availability etc. 

Universities and colleges can create exclusive lead ad campaigns to collect students' phone numbers by offering text messages about campus notifications.

This student leads in USA strategies combined retargeting by showing the campaigns to the student who has recently visited an application page, campus homepage or scholarship page. 

Parents Involvement

A successful marketing campaign by colleges and universities involves the involvement of parents to attract student leads. After all, they are the final decision makers because they will be financially supporting the study program's costs.

If you believe in E-Expectations Trend Report research then 6 out of 10 students confirm their parents are involved at some level with the decision-making process. 

Most private schools openly include students' parents or financial supporters to become part of the process either by requesting more information, scheduling a meeting with an admission counselor, or visiting a landing page. It can also be done through email marketing or lead-generation ads throughout the admissions process.

Private schools involve parents in the process so that they feel more secure and can speed up the decision-making process to enroll in the courses.

Wrap up 

Education institutes face increasing competition to attract and recruit new students to their courses. That is why even investing in the right marketing strategy becomes more necessary to influence the decision-making process of students and their parents. 

Lead generation ads among the advertising options are necessary to include mobile platforms and important social media channels to generate or buy education leads in USA. 

All the above points make education institutes work on different strategies as per the increasing demands to generate more higher education lead generation in USA.

By Allen Sharen | Dec 13 2022
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