How Automation can Improve lead Conversions for Insurance Companies

Author: pingcall
Mar 23 2022
How Automation can Improve lead Conversions for Insurance Companies

The automation industry will cross $1000 billion during this decade. Almost every sector has incorporated marketing automation as an arm of its own body. Yet, insurance players continue deploying age-old methods to lure customers. The truth is customers today hate to be coaxed. Customers lookout for products that speak to their needs, wants, and tastes. But, how can insurance companies with their traditional resources know who wants what? The following question brings insurance marketing automation into the picture. The new-age technology aims to transform the insurance buying process to spur lead conversions and improve the customer experience at all touchpoints. 

Benefits of Automation for Insurance Agents

According to statistics, one of the most common reasons for unsuccessful insurance agents was the unavailability of good prospects. The time and effort taken to find random people to conduct the sales script process is a major loss of potential. This is where insurance marketing automation helps insurance agencies. The benefits of marketing automation are coming to the forefront with the advent of insurance aggregators who further rely on pay-per-call lead generation companies. Below are prominent benefits of Automation in the insurance industry.

Quick conversion from lead to customers

Traditionally, the lead conversion process relied upon word of mouth marketing by existing effort or random search conducted by insurance agents. It led to skewed results with even the best market players suffering from a lack of good customers. Insurance agency automation provides data that directs and encourages insurance agents to look in particular directions. Automation coupled with digital marketing helps build clientele without moving from one place to another. 

Improves communication script

It can be very awkward for an insurance agent with years of experience not be able to give proper answers to an existing customer. However, insurance agents are humans allowed to commit mistakes. Automation serves to reduce such mistakes by using AI chatbots and pay-per-call scripts to deliver results and quick solutions. The ambiguity of hierarchy and solution is reduced as the customer is provided with exact steps to follow, which in turn improves customer satisfaction. 

Organize customer information

Paper formed the modus operandi of traditional insurance agencies. Too much paperwork leads to increased complexity, duplicity and often results in information overload. Marketing automation calls for safe, organized processing and analysis of information to ensure all the parties can get maximum benefit without constantly invading customer privacy. It also mandates privacy as customers can control and track their information in real-time. Health insurance lead campaigns can be structured around available information, triggering greater conversions. 

Directs campaigns

An insurance agent without any information is like a tornado in the ocean, causing only destruction. An aimless agent will harm your market reputation and eventually make customers doubt the company's offers. Marketing automation improves insurance auto leads by laying out the groundwork to improve performance. These measures provide companies with a calculator to assess the agent’s performance. The measurement also encourages healthy competition between insurance agents. 

Improves transparency

Insurance agents often tried manipulating customers into buying the wrong policy. As information was not recorded, no party was proven guilty even if the company wanted to find out the perpetrator. Marketing automation promotes transparency in insurance operations. Pay-per-call lead generation calls are recorded and analyzed to understand the communication process. By promoting user privacy and transparency, marketing automation helps increase health insurance leads over time. 

Automation in the insurance industry is beneficial to all stakeholders. However, what remains to be seen is the willingness of insurance companies to provide the best market experience to their customers. Policy buying as a process has been known for its complexity. Automation seeks to change the age-old mindset by bringing data into the picture.

By pingcall | Mar 23 2022
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