How to raise Brand Awareness Through Affiliate Marketing?

Author: pingcall
Mar 09 2022
How to raise Brand Awareness Through Affiliate Marketing?

In 2019, a leading brand solely manufacturing loungewear was experiencing a major marketing setback. Not that people did not need loungewear, rather the want for premium loungewear never turned into a need. The same brand upturned its strategy during the pandemic and started an affiliate marketing campaign to raise brand awareness. The campaign was focused on setting one theme “Our loungewear does not mean comfort, but it is comfort.” The brand collaborated with affiliates to deliver the message through organic comments. The affiliates were selected after a careful analysis of audience liking. Result? The brand was able to earn huge profits during the pandemic due to affiliate marketing done at the right time using the right resources. 

Brand awareness is a fundamental requirement of effective marketing. According to a report, it takes more than five impressions to remember a brand. But how to create such an expression?

Affiliate marketing has been successful at raising brand awareness. However, getting the process right is a struggle for brands. What works for one brand may backfire for another brand. Given below are a few tips to pull off a brand awareness campaign using affiliate advertising.

Affiliate marketing for brand awareness

Brand exposure is a mix of various factors. Marketing agencies deploy affiliate programs as they are cost-effective and yield results in comparatively lesser time. It also gives an edge to newly launched brands who might be reluctant to fight it out with the bigger brands. Affiliate lead generation companies can be the ace up your sleeve.

Collab with like-minded influencers

The influencer market is growing at an unprecedented rate. People have begun trusting influencers more than certain Hollywood celebrities. However, influencer fees for affiliate advertising can be high. Therefore, organizing and finding the right influencer for your brand awareness campaign is important. Look out for influencers who regularly speak about related topics or show extreme interest in your arena. You can either focus on macro or micro-influencers, depending upon your affiliate marketing budget. This will put your brand on a great pedestal as customers are more likely to believe something when it comes from an authority whom they trust.

Use quiz, games, and offers

The common affiliate marketing strategy uses a link and a review to customers based on which they make the final decision. However, spending money on anything new is a risk for a customer. Therefore, adding the deal with attractive offers using games and other events can help you generate both brand awareness and great sales numbers. Customers are more likely to participate when they can expect a gift or prize towards the end of the program. 

Focus on creating diversified content

Customer taste is not a single stream of rivers flowing in one direction. Rather, it is diversity and supremacy at its finest. The following characteristics pose a challenge in the form of content as one type of content may not resonate with every audience. Therefore, different content formats need to be designed for the success of social media advertising campaigns. For example, product reviews blogs are exceptionally favorite amongst picky audience members while podcasts are trendy among gen z customers. They like to assess voice modulation to understand if the review is gimmicky or truly authentic.

Branding exposure takes the central stage while developing affiliate marketing programs. Getting in touch with your target audience is crucial to understanding their wants and preferences. Today, several brands have hired agencies that help them keep consistent track of data. The collected data gets synthesized while developing affiliate marketing programs, serving its purpose, and closing the circular marketing process. 


By pingcall | Mar 09 2022
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