A Quick Guide on 'How to Run Pay Per Call Traffic with Google Ads’

Author: Kate Smith
Dec 01 2023
A Quick Guide on 'How to Run Pay Per Call Traffic with Google Ads’

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, Pay Per Call (PPC) advertising has become one of the most powerful strategies. Companies spend billions on getting website traffic, but with dynamic PPC advertising, businesses can get calls from prospects. Such calls can yield tremendous ROI for businesses, and companies, whether big or small, can benefit hugely from PPC marketing.

This detailed blog discusses the essential steps that help run PPC traffic with Google Ads. Whether you're a trained marketer or a beginner, this guide will provide you with the knowledge required to leverage the potential of Pay Per Call campaigns and drive valuable phone leads.


What is Pay Per Call?

Pay Per Call advertising is a unique way to establish direct connections between advertisers and consumers via phone. Unlike other marketing ways, Pay Per Call motivates users to make direct calls to businesses. Here, advertisers pay a fee only when someone clicks their ad. This kind of marketing is effective for businesses where conversation is crucial, like local services, insurance, or professional consultations.


Practical Strategies to Run PPC Traffic with Google Ads

Keyword Selection and Optimization

To create a Google ads campaign, one has to use the relevant keywords. Prepare the list of keywords you want to include in your ad campaign and also search for the keywords used by your competitors. Also create the list of keywords you want to exclude to avoid irrelevant queries. This strategy helps reduce the cost per click and avoid overpaying for unapproved calls.
Though selecting keywords that maximize ROI is time-consuming, it's worth it. Sales resulting from such efforts provide maximum ROI over time.


Preparing Ad Copy

While creating the ad to run PPC traffic with Google Ads, mention all the essential data, the contact number on which the clients will call and a catchphrase that will warm up the caller’s interest.  Create a compelling call to action that encourages users to contact immediately. Also highlight the USP of your offerings that sets your service apart and makes it worthy of a direct call. Research about your competitors and investigate the ads they use to target your target audience.
To succeed with a call-only campaign, the ads must be concise and highly targeted.


Set a Schedule

Run PPC traffic with Google Ads when you’re available to take calls. There is no point in generating calls at the time when you are unavailable. Since Google permits you to check critical metrics like peak call times and days, adjust your bids accordingly and ensure your ads become available during peak time.


Deploying Call Tracking

After the successful setup of the advertising campaign, conversion tracking should be considered. This is important to optimize the advertising campaign and bring it to the top. Deploy effective call-tracking solutions to evaluate the effectiveness of your Pay Per Call campaign and run PPC traffic with Google Ads more successfully. Also, use call data to get valuable insights about user behavior and campaign performance, further improving optimization strategies.


Use Location Targeting

When it’s about local businesses, location targeting is essential. Check whether you’re using a local phone number and calls are automatically routed to the nearest store or not? You may notice that some geographic areas refer to higher-quality callers than others, so boosting your bids to target those people is worthwhile.


Monitoring and Optimization

Regularly monitoring your campaign performance is crucial for improvement. Also optimize ad copies before you run PPC traffic with Google Ads, use relevant keywords, and target based on performance data to enhance campaign efficiency.



Mastering Pay Per Call with Google Ads demands strategic planning and ongoing optimization. By following these factors, you'll be well-equipped to launch and refine successful Pay Per Call campaigns, driving valuable phone leads and maximizing your advertising ROI.
For expert assistance in boosting strategy to run PPC traffic with Google Ads, connect with the experts at AXAD and grow your business dynamically.

By Kate Smith | Dec 01 2023
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