Top Health Insurance Companies in USA Known For Their Services

Author: Samara Miller
Sep 28 2022
Top Health Insurance Companies in USA Known For Their Services

Health is the biggest asset for every human being. Therefore staying healthy should be the motto of one's . Health is like a machine that is vulnerable to many damages with the advent of time. On top of these machines need occasional repairing for their efficiency.

It is the same case with health. Our body needs regular checkups because regular checkups make the body organs perform their task precisely. When some external forces like viruses, parasites or some internal organ dispute happen it will break down health issues.

Just like machines our health requires servicing and the process can only be done at hospitals. Therefore to attend this mandatory service you need to search for the top health company in USA. 

The best medical companies in USA ensure that every citizen must have . To avail of medical , buyers need to find a suitable company first. Once the top health company in USA has been spotted, the next step is to select a good health plan.

When medical insurance is necessary, a citizen will feel hectic for selecting an insurance plan. There are several health schemes and plans available at top medical insurance companies in USA for the buyers to choose from.

However, the million dollar question here is which is the most suitable for you, as per your age, budget and family or personal needs? Here Get My Policy is showcasing different kinds of health:

Short-Term Health Insurance in USA

There is a list of top health insurance companies in USA that are presently undergoing economical crunch situations. For the short term, health investment is low as the term is short. The benefit of this plan is that it is still available for you, even if you are facing financial trouble. When things will be back in shape, you can move to a long-term or more beneficial health plan. 

Full Service Health Insurance in USA

The long-term health insurance plans at the top health insurance company in USA include lucrative offers. This kind of health insurance would be a bit costly but is it quite suitable for young or mid-aged servicemen or businessmen? 

Apart from these two plans, supplemental health insurance, and pre-existing condition health insurance are two popular forms of health insurance available in the market. Some health insurance might seem like a luxury.

Plans can be expensive and difficult to understand. To help you find the top health insurance company in USA to choose, Get My Policy has analysed some of the top healthcare insurance companies in USA. Here are some factors that help Get My Policy to choose the right company:

Affordable: The cost of a monthly premium will vary as per your location and plan. Get My Policy tried to find the best options that can fit every budget. 

Benefits: When you are choosing a top health insurance company in USA, you must check what additional services you can be going to cover within your plan like dental or vision care plans etc. 

Reviews: No company can claim itself as the best medical insurance companies in USA if customer reviews and ratings are not good enough. If you want to be one of the top health insurance companies in USA, you need to make sure of getting recommendations from highly rated companies. 

Types of plans available in the top health insurance company in USA

Health insurance plans can be confusing many times. Therefore you need a quick breakdown of plans that are typically available through networks:

Marketplace Plans depending upon your area of availability, you may find bronze, silver, gold and platinum marketplace plans. Here the brakes are:

  • An exclusive provider organisation or EPO is a plan where services are covered through doctors, specialists or hospitals in your plan's network.
  • Health Maintenance Organisation or HMO limits coverage to care from doctors who work for HMO contracts. The plan may require you to live in its service area to be eligible for coverage.
  • Point of Service is the plan where you need to pay less if you use doctors, hospitals, or other healthcare professionals that belong to the plan's network.
  • Preferred Provider Organisation or PPO plan will let you pay less if you use providers in the plan's network. However, use doctors, specialists and hospitals that are out of network without a referral for an additional cost. 

High Deductible Health Plans at the top health insurance company in USA have higher deductibles in comparison to healthcare networks. You can combine an HDHP with a health savings account or a health reimbursement arrangement. 

The Medicaid plan in USA by a top health insurance company in USA is a federal and state program that helps with healthcare costs for people with limited resources and incomes. Some people who are eligible for Medicaid include low-income adults, children, pregnant people, older adults or disabled people. 

Medicare is a federal health insurance network for people who are 65 years old, some younger people with diseases, and people with end-stage renal disease. 

Get My Policy is picking a list of top health insurance companies in USA as per their rating in the United States:

Aetna - Best Customer Service 

Atena, the top health insurance company in USA , ensures consumers for health, dental, and vision care. When you purchase an Affordable Care Act(ACA) marketplace insurance plan, you will receive access to telehealth services.

The company is also known for its Medicare and Medicaid plans. It includes extra services in Medicare like fitness benefits, dental, vision or hearing care. As per Healthline the pros and cons of Atena are: 


  • Offers health plans like nationwide coverage, HSAs, and wellness programs
  • Online quality customer service options
  • A reward program is available through Attain by Aetna for healthy actions and choices.
  • Nationwide providers selection


  • No availability of short-term plans
  • Don't work with independent insurance agents

Blue Cross Blue Shield(BCBS): Best overall customer satisfaction 

This top health insurance company in USA offers corporate health insurance, individual health insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, dental insurance etc. Many plans here include the Blue365 program that provides discounts on health and wellness-related products and services.

Other beneficial plans included here are dental, vision, hearing, telehealth, fitness discounts, and over-the-counter medication management. As per Healthline the pros and cons of BCBS are: 


  • Low-cost plans with $0 premiums in 45 states for Medicare members are available
  • Extra benefits on the Blue365 discount program.
  • Get nationwide coverage


  • Need extra research on geographically separate plans
  • Cigna: Best for pharmacy programs 

This top health insurance company in USA offers health insurance for US immigrants living abroad. The company offers individual and family health insurance plans in several states. As per Healthline the pros and cons of Signa are:


  • 24/7 open call centre
  • Free virtual medical visits with dedicated virtual care physicians
  • Great pharmacy programs.


  • Telehealth care isn’t available for all plans
  • Only available in 13 states
  • Annual out-of-pocket limits are high.

United Healthcare: Best Benefits available Company

This top health insurance company in USA provides its plans in 18 states. Customers love the extra programs and tools which this company is offering. As per Healthline the pros and cons of United Healthcare are:


  • They’re the only health insurer partnered with AARP
  • Plans are highly rated
  • Virtual visits and free house calls are available with some plans
  • A ton of programs are available with United, like support for quitting smoking, mental health care, maternity support, and more.


  • Plans are more expensive
  • In some cases, claims have to be submitted by the customer
  • United is only available in some states.

Ambetter: Best for dental Benefits

This top health insurance company in USA offers three main healthcare plans: Ambetter Essential Care (bronze), Ambetter Balanced Care (silver), and Ambetter Secure Care (gold). Ambetter is a great choice if you’re looking for good dental and vision benefits.

The dental plans include preventive and diagnostic dental, basic dental care, and major dental care. As per Healthline the pros and cons of Ambetter are:


  • Dental programs offer as low as $12
  • A 24/7 nurses’ line is available
  • Offers health living rewards programs on most plans.


  • Not available in all 50 states
  • They’re a fairly new company
  • The online customer platform is lacking.

Final Thoughts

There is a list of health insurance companies in USA, when you choose the right health insurance by considering the above factors which are more important to you like affordability or the types of plans as per your needs.

It is also important to research customer reviews and ratings to help you pick a top health insurance company in USA. Compare all of your options side-by-side to make your final decision. 

Use the Get My Policy details and tips to find the right insurance and plan for you to reach near top health insurance company in USA. To know more about the top health insurance plans and the companies you can visit the Get My Policy website for expert advice.

By Samara Miller | Sep 28 2022
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